NO Apology with Emilee & Chris

Finally, a variety broadcast/podcast that celebrates the Christian Life and looks into Apologetic Issues, all from a "work a day" reality perspective. Toss in sports (even NASCAR), food, movies, family insights and make it a lot of fun! This is the show people have been waiting to hear, simple truths in an unapologetic, yet straightforward and loving way. All while keeping Jesus first & making His name great!

Bible Idiots

Bible Idiots Podcast is part of the broadcast ministry of Fresh Road Media and Pastor Chris Danielson, Senior Pastor of Fresh Encounter Church located in Harlan, IA. Chris’ Biblical preaching dynamically informs and strengthens believers, as well as provides an invitation to non-believers to accept the gift of grace and forgiveness offered to us through the sacrifice and atonement of Jesus Christ. We trust God will encourage you through the messages here on the Bible Idiots Podcast.

Jesus is Coming Soon

We know from the Book of Revelation that in the (near?) future we will have; a one world government, a one world religion, and a one world currency system. We are seeing current events leading to this "new world order" unfolding right before our eyes. God has placed us in the world for such a time as this! Join us as we discuss current events and biblical principles to encourage the Body of Christ as we await the soon return of our Savior. Jesus is Coming Soon! Keep looking up!